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My company, as always, adhering to the "customer first, service first" purpose, actively seriously according to the practice of market economy operation, with a new look to meet the challenges of the international market, with the masses of users wholeheartedly cooperation, create brilliant career of radio, film and television!

  • Timely introduce the camera, editor, and other equipment of the world famous brands such as SONY and Panasonic.
  • The shooting and making equipment of hd to the standard are recommended to the general users to be suitable for all major film and TV production industries。
  • With our center, you will save 40 to 70 percent of your precious resources, and build the perfect photography, editing and production integration system
  • Our radio, film and television equipment has the first-class quality, all the original products;
  • Our company is committed to provide customers with complete variety of products, price preferential broadcast equipment and related testing instruments
  • professional operation, 7*24 hours customer service online, solve various problems for you。
  • one-to-one tracking service system of customer service, from the order to the merchandise signing, professional customer service one-on-one tracking, to ensure that the goods are safe.
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Our company has been in good cooperation with the world famous radio and TV brand enterprises, and is committed to providing customers with complete variety and price preferential radio and television equipment and related testing instruments. We can also make a reservation for you!

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based on the advantage of shenzhen special economic zone, timely introduction and sales of high-definition, standard definition international radio, film and television industry products, currently has a large amount of world famous brands such as SONY, Panasonic, camera, editing machine

Shenzhen RiFei electronic technology co. LTD was Founded in 1995, it based on the advantage of shenzhen special economic zone, and timely introduction of high-definition, standard definition products and sales of international radio, film and television industry, at present there are a large number of world famous brands such as SONY, Panasonic, camera, editing machine, such as radio and television equipment for sale, I center according to the specific needs of radio,

n our country has joined the WTO, under the new situation of the center, as always, adhering to the "customer first, service first" purpose, actively seriously according to the practice of market economy

Welcome to call our company hotline 0755-83002557-805. Our company will provide the best quality and satisfactory service to our customers as far as possible!【MORE】

Cooperation brand

Sun fei electronics technology and the world famous brands all have cooperation, you want products we have everything here. We provide high - level rental and sales services for film and television companies, studios and individual customers throughout the country.


Rifei electronic,"customer first, service first"!

  • HDR technology for high-end TVS


    With the iPhone 8 and iPhone X's debut, Apple introduced a new Apple TV 4K in the same period this fall, introducing HDR technology. And last year, it officially entered the public eye, and this year basically captured the high-end TV market HDR technology, what is it?

  • If the equipment is damaged or lost


    In the course of the use of goods, the person who has caused the damage shall be paid by the tenant to the merchant. If the equipment is lost, the tenant will pay to the merchant, pay the amount of the deposit, or compensate for the same old and new products. The rent during maintenance or compensat…

  • Special effects mode


    In the current film production process, from the beginning of the shooting script, the special effects have been reflected, and the effects of the film and TV have changed the process and way of the original film production. Scenario planning, the arrangement of the narrative,

  • The need for toning


    Why do I need to color it? The answer is simple, in order to better match the expression of the film.The expression language of a film is composed of pictures, sound effects, sound and voice, etc. Among them

  • The original power of film production depends on innovation


    In recent years, China's film and television production industry has made some great progress, and the production of film and television production is undoubtedly


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